Ciudadanía has a combination of institutional resources that allows it to cover the whole chain of steps for conducting surveys of public opinion: planning and design; information gathering and quality control; information analysis; and publication and the spreading of results.

At the stage of planning and the design of studies of public opinion, Ciudadanía has experience and is also able to design ballots according to a study regarding specialized questionnaire design criteria. It also has the ability to design statistically representative samples of the Bolivian population at different levels.

Ciudadanía has teams to gather information (coordinators, experienced interviewers and supervisors) in all departments of Bolivia; which allows them to realize studies in a relatively short periods of time and with experienced staff. Besides this, Ciudadanía carry out all its surveys using the Adgys management system and data collection survey, which is developed in partnership with the institution. The Adgys system allows the collection of field data using Android smartphones, eliminating the error, the time and costs associated with the use of questionnaires and paper, and significantly improving the quality of the information collected.

The analysis of the data collected is conducted by social scientists specialized in the field, using appropriate technical resources for the survey. Besides a descriptive analysis of the information, Ciudadanía provides an explanatory data analysis by means of multivariate statistical models to understand the effect of one variable regardless of other factors.

The institutional experience of publication and distribution of results of public opinion research includes the publication of more than a dozen books and monographs with results from surveys of public opinion, which can be found in the publications section of this website. Besides this, Ciudadanía has made dozens of events to present the results of nationwide surveys, which have been covered by various media with local and national coverage.

Ciudadanía has worked with various partners and clients in generation studies and data analysis of the surveys. The partner list includes:

· Latin American Public Opinion Project, LAPOP, Vanderbilt University

· United Nations Program for Development, UNDP

· World Justice Project, WJP

· Coordinadora de la Mujer

· The World Bank

· Centro de Estudios de la Realidad Económica y Social, CERES

· The newspaper Los Tiempos

· Prime Consulting, Ecuador

· Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo, BID

· Observatorio Ciudadano Cochabamba Nos Une

· Social Progress Index, SPI